ClipClaps Paying Or Not Review 2022 | Legit or Scam

Today We Are Telling You About ClipClsps. Some People are Confused They Are Paying Are Not. Today I Will Share My Last Six Month Experience. They Are Paying Are Do Scamming. Please read the Full Article.

First Time To Withdraw On ClipClaps:

Customer Service is the absolute worst. It's like a robot reply and they don't even address your problem and send you to their website. At first, this app was amazing, but I'm disappointed to see I'm not alone in this ridiculous scam. Some of these apps aren't easy to make money on and they take FOREVER. This is 100% false advertising and it's 100% a SCAM App.

I could not withdraw money. They say you can withdraw money when you will earned $10 But when you reach it they will say that they are getting some issues and you have to make at least $15 or transfer your mobile balance. But it also fails.

So, this is a scam and a total waste of time. It should be penalized.

I Work on This App for At least 6 Months & I Just Earned Only 12$. Whey I Set It Withdraw of $10 I Will Be Canceled After 14 Days Without Any Reason. Check Out The The Pictures Dates On Withdraw Page.

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Second Time To Withdraw on ClipClaps:

Hello guys. Clipscaps is a scam application. I request 30usd to withdraw. But my withdrawal request is still processing. (I was complaining so many times to the clipsclaps support team But always they said, (we will resolve this problem as soon) So guys don't waste your time and mobile data. This is my genuine experience. So guys this is time to uninstall & Report clipsclaps. Don't trust clipsclaps. If they pay my money I will update My Article. I believe this is very helpful to you.

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What is ClipClaps?

ClipsClaps is a mobile app that is public and free to download on both iOS and Android apps. The app bonuses you to watch funny video clips. They are owned and operated by Grand Channel Entertainment Limited and have garnered over 2 million downloads.ClipClaps is an app that helps users make and share custom clips with their friends. Users can easily make clips by selecting a video or photo from their device and then adding music, sound effects, and text. Users can then share their clips with their friends through social media, email, or the app’s built-in sharing feature. ClipClaps is free to download and use, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

How and When do I get paid?

ClipClaps Payment can be redeemed by PayPal. The best thing that I like most is that you can order payment via PayPal once you reach only $0.10 (ONLY for the first time). We have tested it out personally and it did payout after 7 days. There was later news under this.

After this first payout, the minimum threshold for the subsequent payout will range from $10 – $50 OR $0.1 (if you have referred a friend). For these payouts, you will be charged a $0.25 fee or more...

What are you doing from clips?

Firstly you will require to install the app from the app store or google play store. Remember to redeem a sign-up bonus of $1 USD by joining ClipClaps using this link or entering Refer code...

Every 3,000,000 clapcoins is equivalent to USD $3. It might seem difficult to reach the cashout, but it does take you much time to reach that. If you are a video lover, it is definitely a fantastic app for you to get paid only by watching videos. The funny videos you get to see in this app can also be found on YouTube or other social media platforms. The main difference is that in ClipClaps, you acquire paid by viewing videos.

There are some methods to earn money from ClipClaps and they are stated below:

1. Watching Videos

Watching videos is definitely one of the Best earning methods. All you have to do is to scroll down the page to monitor the latest funny videos. There will be a timer after counting down to reach the treasure chest. After the countdown, you can find the treasure chest in your reward, so flare it for a surprise. It can stand either Clapcoins, Amazon coupons, or cash raffles.

Note: You will require to keep scrolling down to see new videos because the timer will have waited if there are no activities detected.

2. Financial Plan

Once you start to earn some Clapcoins, you can buy funds to earn interest over the days, and here are the funds:

Silverstone fund, you can buy $1000 and after 7 days, you will get $1500, so you earn $500.

Goldstone fund, you can buy $2000 and after 14 days, you will get $3000, so you earn $1000.

BlackCrescent fund, you can buy $3000 and after 30 days, you will get $8000, so you earn $5000.

3. Mega Spin

In this app, you can get a free mega spin every 7 days, which allows you to earn cash rewards from $0.01 – $3.00. If you have invited your friends to join ClipClaps, you can also get an extra spin.

 4. Playing games and scratchers

There is a game center where you can play games, like Texa Holdem, Aquarium, and Brainaire to get better clapcoins. Besides that, you can also play the scratcher once your credit is over 5000.

5. Refer people to join ClipClaps

You can invite your friends to earn diamond chests that consist of cash rewards, clip coins, or raffles. For each friend that signs up, you can Get a diamond chest and your friends get ones too. So remember to join ClipClaps using this link or enter the Refer code during registration.

My Honest Review is They stopped paying users. Scam!! Make you watch ads for 6months then not give you a single penny...