Clash of Clans Gold Pass 2022 Hero Skin Prediction
May 2022 is about to finish, which means that June 2022 will soon arrive, bringing with it a brand new season of Clash of Clans. Each new season of Clash of Clans brings a brand new skin from one of the four heroes, which we try to forecast every time. In this post, we'll try to guess which hero's skin will be released in June 2022 and which skin it will be.

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First and foremost, we attempt to forecast which hero's skin will appear in the June 2022 Gold Pass. Which hero's skin will be included in the June 2022 Gold Pass? The heroes' skins released in the last four months will provide the solution to this question.

If we look at the heroes' skins released in the last four months, the Warrior Warden skin of Grand Warden was released in February 2022, the Shadow Champion skin of Royal Champion was released in March 2022, and the Shadow King skin of the Barbarian King was released in April 2022, and the Miner Queen skin of the Archer Queen was released in May 2022.

Based on the last four months' pattern, we can forecast that the Grand Warden skin will be released in June 2022.

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Now you're probably wondering what the new Grand Warden skin will look like. Grand Warden's skin is now featured in practically every set in Clash of Clans, implying that Grand Warden's forthcoming skin could come from a fresh new set. Because the summer season begins in June, it's possible that the forthcoming Grand Warden skin may be based on the summer theme.

This was our guess for the hero's skin in the Gold Pass in June 2022. What are your predictions about the forthcoming hero's skin in the June 2022 Gold Pass? You can express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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