Clash of Clans Skin & Rewards Prediction June 2022 Clan Games
The month of June 2022 has proved to be very good for Clash of Clans players as a major update has been released in Clash of Clans this month through which Clan Capital has been added to the game. There is no doubt that Clash of Clans players is very excited about Clan Capital but now the players’ excitement is going to increase even more because, on 22nd June, Clan Games will enter the game. 

If you are excited about the Clan Games of June 2022 and want to know which rewards will come in the upcoming Clan Games, this article is for you, because like every time, this time also we will predict the rewards coming in June 2022 Clan Games.

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Clash of Clans May 2022 Clan Games Rewards Prediction!

At this time, Clash of Clans has not officially announced which rewards will be available in the Clan Games of June 2022. As a result, we have prepared the information about the Clan Games rewards shared in this article based on research and prediction, so there may be minor changes in this information.

Tier 1-

At 3000 Clan Games Points, you will be able to acquire Tire 1 of Clan Games, which will grant you (30 percent Treasury Dark Elixir, 20 Gems, 1 Training Potion, and 20 Clan Experience)

Tier 2-

At 7500 Clan Games Points, Tire 2of Clan Games will be unlocked, giving you (1 Power Potion, 40 percent Treasury Elixir, 1 Hero Potion, and 40 Clan Experience).

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Tier 3-

At 12000 Clan Games Points, you will be able to access Tire 3of Clan Games, which will grant you (1 Clock Tower Potion, 2 Training Potion, 40 Gems, and 60 Clan Experience).

Tier 4-

At 18000 Clan Games Points, Tire 4 of Clan Games will be unlocked, giving you (6 Wall Ring, 70 percent Treasury Dark Elixir, 1 Shovel of Obstacles, and 80 Clan Experience).

Tire 5-

At 30000 Clan Games Points, Tier 5 of Clan Games will be unlocked, giving you (90 percent Treasury Gold, 1 Rune of Builder Gold, 2 Builder Potion, and 100 Clan Experience).

Tier 6-

At 50000 Clan Games Points, Tire 6  of Clan Games will open, giving you (1 Book of Fighting or Shovel of Obstacles, 1 Rune of Elixir, 100 Gems, and 120 Clan Experience).

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