How to Check the Global Standings in Apex Legends Mobile?
Players are slogging their way to the top of the leaderboards in Apex Legends Mobile, which is now available in practically every country. The mobile version of Apex Legends, unlike the PC and console versions, offers an in-game leaderboard where you can check your rating and server rank. You can also brag about your ranking by comparing it to that of your friends. Here's how to use the Apex Legends Mobile Leaderboard in a nutshell.

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On the Apex Legends Mobile leaderboard, who is the most powerful player?

On the Apex Legends Mobile leaderboard, Luke "iFerg" Fergie is now ranked first. He recently televised his journey to becoming the world's best player. He had to play for 46 hours in order to take the top spot on the leaderboards.

What is the Apex Legends Mobile leaderboard and how do I utilize it?

At the time of writing, the Apex Legends Mobile leaderboard is only available in-game, and there are no third-party pages that provide global standings. Simply tap on the leaderboard menu to view a list of players on your server as well as players on your friend list split into two tabs.

The Apex Legends Mobile scoreboard is divided into first-person and third-person leaderboards, with statistics available for the following options:

  •    Match Ratings in Order (Sorted by Ranked Points)
  •    Classification by Level
  •    Battle Royale is a battle royale game.
  •    Deathmatch between two teams
  •    Arenas
  •    Battle Royale Competitions

The Apex Legends Mobile Leaderboard is a fantastic new feature in the game. In comparison, the console and PC versions lack a leaderboard, forcing you to rely on third-party services like to keep track of your progress. There is currently no way to access the worldwide standings on mobile, so you'll have to go between servers to see who the top player is based on their maximum RP (Ranked Points).

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