How to Fix High Ping Problem in PUBG/BGMI
PUBG/BGMI is a fantastic game that is a lot of fun to play, however, there is one issue that is ruining our experience, and that is the issue of ping.

This is such a prevalent problem that you must have encountered it at some point. Because of the high ping in the game, your gameplay experience will be very poor, and you will notice delays in any action in the game, which will allow your enemy to knock you out most of the time, resulting in your defeat in the match.

How to Fix High Ping Problem in PUBG/BGMI:-

In this article, we'll show you how to fix the most common but frustrating high ping problem, after which you'll notice a significant improvement in your ping in PUBG/BGMI game.


To use this approach, you'll need to download an application. First, open Google Play Store, and then search for QuickVPN in the search box to install it. You must connect to India's server after opening this application, and then you must open BGMI.

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To use this approach, go to your smartphone's settings and then open it by selecting the mobile network option. After you've opened the app, the option for the SIM card you're using will appear in front of you. You'll also notice an option for Access Point Names in the same box, which you must open to "Reset to Default."


To utilize this approach, go to the BGMI game's app details, then access that option by clicking on the storage option, then click on clear cache. If this does not resolve your issue, you must select the option to clear data. Keep in mind that cleaning data will require you to update the game and log in again.

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To utilize this approach, go to the phone's settings, then to the option of about phone, and turn on developer mode. When you switch to developer mode, scroll down until you see an option called Background Process Limit. You must choose between at most 1 process and at most 2 processes in this option; if you choose at most 1 process, only one application will run in the background of the phone; if you choose at most 2 processes, only two programs will run in the background of the phone. The advantage of these options is that other background programs on the phone will not use the Internet, allowing you to offer the BGMI game full Internet access.


This is the simplest approach, and most people will be familiar with it because you just have to reboot your phone once, and by doing so again, your high ping problem will be resolved.

These were five such tricks that will help you solve the ping issue in BGMI games to a great extent.

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