How To Fix RP Mission Frozen Problem In PUBG/BGMI?
Those that play PUBG Mobile or BGMI and purchase Royal Pass have likely encountered the "RP Mission Frozen" issue. If you are similarly disturbed by the "RP Mission Frozen" problem and want to fix it, then this post is for you. In this article, we will explain why the "RP Mission Frozen" problem occurs and how to resolve it.

How To Fix RP Mission Frozen Problem In PUBG/BGMI?

First and foremost, let us clarify that "RP Mission Frozen" is not a bug or an error, but rather a new feature that the developers have incorporated. Actually, the creators have set an RP point limit, thus you will only be able to earn 825 RP points in the first week. Because you've accomplished the first week's target, the rest of the missions will be frozen if you've accumulated 825 RP points. To get extra RP, you'll have to wait until the second week is unlocked.

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If we talk about the second week, you will only be able to acquire 1725 RP points because the second week's RP point maximum is 1725 RP. The 1725 RP for the second week includes the 825 RP from the first week.

You will only be able to gain 2550 RP points in the third week. Other tasks will be frozen after you reach the goal of 2550 RP points, and you will be unable to acquire any more RP points. The first and second week's RP points are added to the third week's total of 2550 RP points.

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You will notice the limit for collecting RP points in the fourth week, just as you did in the first, second, and third weeks, and you will be able to acquire RP points according to that restriction.

This was the entire description of the new feature that the developer had implemented. Did you enjoy the developers' implementation of this feature? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can subscribe to our website if you want to keep up with similar information on PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

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