How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI?
Hello, do you know how to transfer your PUBG Global account to the new Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile India) brand? The India edition of PUBG Mobile has finally made it to the Android OBT version.

The acronym OBT stands for "Open Beta Tes," which signifies that the game has been officially launched and is available for everyone to play. We know you can transfer your account from the global server to the new PUBG mobile India, or Battlegrounds Mobile India, in this test.

You can look for information on the PUBG Mobile India release date, but keep in mind that the release date may change dependent on Krafton. inc, the publisher and developer of PUBG Mobile India.

Well, you don't have to worry about your cherished skin if you've spent money on Global ID; you may transfer all of your account data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, including skins, emotes, and so on, with the exception of your clan and popularity. But I think it'll be fine!

Now, let's take a look at how to convert your old Global ID to PUBG Mobile's new India server.

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How can I link my PUBGM Global Account to my Battlegrounds Mobile India account?

This tutorial can be utilized with either the OBT version of the published version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Login via Twitter or Facebook (Whatever you want).

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

The system will prompt you to create a new character and give it a name; simply use the random queries to do so (this will be a temporary account)

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

Then you'll be asked for "Account Transfer Data," which you should accept by clicking "Yes, Please Continued."

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

Then press YES.

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

Now you must log in with the same account that you bonded on the Global server (for the time being, it only supports Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you tie your Global ID to these networks).

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

Then use your credentials to log in. YES is the answer.

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

YES should be selected once more.

How to Transfer PUBG Global Account to BGMI

Your account will be automatically logged out.
You'll also get a notification stating that the data has been successfully transferred.

Simply log in with your old ID, and your beloved account will be converted to the new Battlegrounds mobile India brand.

Now Finally, Except for your popularity and Clan, everything has been transferred!

So, how about PUBG Korea on mobile? 

I don't have enough information to provide, but it appears that the procedure has been postponed; as they stated on Twitter, all international accounts will be unable to log in after June 30, 2021. Let's hope they make the account transfer feature available.

So, I hope you were able to successfully migrate your account; if you continue to have issues, please leave a remark below. I'll assist you as soon as possible!

I'll see you on the battlefields,