Samsung a51 New Season PUBG Sensitivity Code
In 2017, the popular smartphone game PUBG Mobile was released. Players must shoot other players to survive in this first-person shooting game. Players can alter a variety of settings in PUBG Mobile to make the game more pleasant or demanding.

Sensitivity is one option available to players. There are three sensitivity levels in PUBG Mobile: Low, Medium, and High. Based on their playing style, players can select the ideal setting for them. Low sensitivity is for players who prefer to take their time and aim carefully, whilst High sensitivity is for gamers who want to shoot other players quickly and move on. Medium sensitivity is a decent compromise for gamers who wish to shoot other players swiftly while also being able to aim correctly.

This sensitivity setting will work on Samsung a51. This is the best Samsung a51 PUBG Sensitivity Code. In the event that you are a full Gyro player, you can attempt these Sensitivity settings On the Samsung a51. We suggest you Play with gyro for better control With Samsung a51.

If you're new to the game or want to make it more difficult, increasing the sensitivity will make it more difficult. Choose... if you are an experienced player looking to make the game easy.

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Best PUBG & BGMI Sensitivity Settings The Sensitivity Code can be found here:


What are Sensitivity Settings in PUBG Mobile?

In PUBG Mobile (PUBG), the sensitivity settings assist you to improve your overall play experience. Different types of options are accessible in the game, which can be perplexing for some players. There are three basic sensitivity options for you to choose from the camera, ADS (aim down sight), and gyroscope. Each set aids you in moving, aiming, and more. Although the game comes with certain pre-loaded options such as Low, Medium, and High. A custom configuration is usually preferable because it allows you to have more influence over the game dynamics and increases your chances of winning a match.

Best Camera Sensitivity Settings:

In PUBG (PUBG Mobile), the camera sensitivity settings allow you to view around while playing the game. The settings aid player movement, which is important because it allows you to quickly spin around to shoot and more. For a free watch for 3rd personal camera, there is a camera sensitivity:

  •   125-155 percent camera
  •   115-125 percent TPP
  •   105-110 percent FPP

In the game, there are camera sensitivity options for various scopes. If the scope is more significant, the sensitivity should be set lower. The 8x scope, for example, should have lower sensitivity since it requires less movement, whereas the no scope or red dot requires higher sensitivity because there is more movement. Here are the values that should be used:
  •   115-130 percent TPP with no scope
  •   115-130 percent FPP with no scope
  •   55-70 percent Red Dot, Holographic
  •   60-80% of the total scope
  •   3x Scope: 15% to 30%
  •   4x Scope: 10% to 25%
  •   6x Scope: 15% to 20%
  •   Scope: 5-10% at 8x magnification

 Best (ADS) Sensitivity Settings:

 In PUBG Mobile, ADS sensitivity settings are crucial for aiming (PUBG). The setting will assist you in gaining better control over your weapons, and if the ADS settings are exactly right, you may even achieve precision. This means that mastering the ADS settings will boost your odds of knocking down an attacker. You should try the following ADS Sensitivity setting:

  •   No-scope TPP: 95-120 percent
  •   100-120 percent FPP No scope
  •   Holographic, Red Dot Aim Assist rate: 55-60%
  •   40-47 percent in 2x scope
  •   Scope of 3x: 32-37 percent
  •   Scope of 4x: 28-33 percent
  •   Scope: 22-25 percent at 6x
  •   Scope: 12-15 percent at 8x

Best Gyroscope Sensitivity Settings:

 The sensitivity settings for the gyroscope in PUBG Mobile (PUBGM) are quite important. It is critical to practice with a gyroscope if you are a gyro player or want to test with one while playing the game. Gyroscope settings in PUBG can help players improve their response speed, aim, and recoil control once enabled. The option essentially makes use of your smartphone's built-in gyroscope. You should try the following gyroscope sensitivity settings:

  •   Person #3 (TPP) No 310-360 percent in scope
  •   The First Person (FPP) No 310-360 percent in scope
  •   310-360 percent Red Dot, Holographic
  •   310 percent 2x scope
  •   190-250 percent in 3x scope
  •   190-220 percent scope at 4x
  •   6x Scope: 90% to 100%
  •   Scope: 60-80 percent at 8x

PUBG On Samsung a51:

Samsung a51 is a budget-friendly smartphone that can play the popular game PUBG Mobile. Even though the phone doesn't have the best graphics, it is still playable. Overall, the phone is a great option for those who want to play PUBG Mobile on the go.

Gaming On Samsung a51:

Gaming on the Samsung a51 is a great experience. The display is very sharp and the games run smoothly. The gamepad is also very responsive. The only downside is that the battery life is not very good.