Clash of Clans Summer Update 2022 Release Date?There was a recent Clan Capital upgrade, also known as the Spring Update, in Clash of Clans. Although that update was solely focused on Clan Capital, there were no new features linked to Home Village in that update. Because the most recent Clash of Clans update was solely focused on Clan Capital, it's extremely probable that we'll see a fresh new update focused on Home Village very soon.

Because the summer season has begun, the game's next update will be a summer update. Clash of Clans has not yet provided any official information on the summer update 2022, but in this post, we will attempt to forecast when the game's next summer update will be released.

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If we look back to last year, the spring update in the month of April 2021 released TH14, followed by the summer update in the month of June. Last year's spring and summer upgrades had a 2-month break between them, proving that Clash of Clans' devs indeed takes a 2-month pause between any two releases.

If we're talking about 2022, the spring update was released in May this year, which implies the summer update will be released in two months, in July. Now the question that must be on your mind is when will the summer update be released in July? Due to the lack of information from the developers regarding the release date of summer update 2022, it is difficult to predict the exact release date of the update. However, we predict that summer update 2022 will arrive at the end of July, as Clan War Leagues will begin in early July, and updates are not released to the game during Clan War Leagues.

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This was the information on the release date of the summer update 2022; are you looking forward to it? Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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