Elden Ring: How To Get Beast Claw Incantation
If you're a mage in the Elden Ring game and enjoy casting spells and incantations, then this post is for you. We'll tell you about a deadly Incantation called Beast Claw Incantation in this article.

Beast Claw Incantation is beneficial to faith-based users because it allows you to deal massive damage to adversaries.

To obtain Beast Claw Incantation, you must first accept a mission from an NPC named D, and then you must pass over 5 death roots to Gurranq.

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5 Deathroot Locations in the Elden Ring:-

You must travel to Runtable Hold in order to speak with D. You must collect 5 death roots after speaking with D.

The first Deathroot:-

You must travel to Summonwater Village to obtain the first deathroot, where you will witness Tibia Mariner piloting the boat. To gain Deathroot, you must kill that Tibia Mariner.

The second Deathroot:-

You must travel to the Artist's Shack in East Liurnia of the Lakes to obtain the second deathroot. As soon as you get at the Artist's Shack, you'll notice a purple shimmering boat being piloted by a Tibia Mariner. To receive the second deathroot, you must kill that Tibia Mariner.

The Third Deathroot:-

To obtain the third deathroot, you must activate Grand Lift of Dectus. To begin the Grand Lift of Dectus, watch the video below.

After exiting the Grand lift, travel to the left side, where you will find a grace point at the Lux Ruins position. You must travel to the Wyndham Ruins location in Mt Gelmir after activating Grace point to observe a Tibia Mariner operating a boat. To get the third deathroot, you must kill that Tibia Mariner.

The fourth Deathroot:-

To obtain the fourth deathroot, travel to Liurnia of the Lakes' Black Knife Catacombs.After entering the Dungeon, you must fight all of the opponents and beat the Dungeon's main boss. As soon as you defeat the boss, you'll receive the fourth deathroot.

The fifth Deathroot:-

To obtain the fifth deathroot, travel to Limgrave's Deathtouched Catacombs. After entering the Dungeon, you must kill all of the Skeletons to obtain the fifth deathroot.

Return to Rountable Hold and speak with D once you've collected all five deathroot. Following your conversation with D, a mark will show on your map; you must travel to that place and speak with an NPC named Gurranq. All five of your deathroots must be given to Gurranq.As soon as you hand up all five Deathroot Gurranq, you'll receive Beast Claw Incantation.