Elden Ring: How to Get a Veteran's Prosthesis
 The Lands Between is the setting for Elden Ring, an action role-playing game. To survive against the swarms of foes, you'll need the greatest weapons and equipment. There is no scarcity of weaponry in the game because it has such a large armory. However, as players go through the game, they discover that some weapons are unexpectedly effective. The Veteran's Prosthesis is one such weapon. It's a Fist Weapon with a startling amount of speed and damage. I'll teach you how to get the Veteran's Prosthesis in Elden Ring in this article.

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Elden Ring: How to Get a Veteran's Prosthesis

Elden Ring's Veteran's Prosthesis is a Fist Weapon infused with Lightning that does the same sort of damage as well as Physical Damage. You may grab it by heading to Castle Sol, which is located north of the Giant Mountaintops. Commander Niall, the Boss of Castle Sol, drops the Veteran's Prosthesis as a Boss drop. Check out our strategy for defeating Commander Niall. To reach the Giant Mountaintops, you'll need both halves of the Dectus Medallion to trigger Dectus' Grand Lift. Here's how to collect both parts using our Medallion tutorial.

Commander Niall's prosthetic limb is called Veteran's Prosthesis. It takes care of both Lightning and Physical Damage. As a result, you can use Incantations and Talismans to increase damage. By Two-Handing it, you can dual-wield it. It will attack quickly and connect a lot of strikes because it is a Fist Weapon. Items that increase Lightning or Physical damage, as well as subsequent attacks, will work here. The Storm Kick Weapon Skill comes with the Veteran's Prosthesis, which creates a Vortex around you before striking with Lightning Damage. Elden Ring's Weapon Skill of Veteran's Prosthesis cannot be replaced.

In Edlen Ring, here's how to improve the Veteran's Prosthesis. Hopefully, this tutorial has been of assistance to you.

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Flask of Wondrous Physick:

  •   Lightning-Shrouding Cracked Tear.
  •   Thorny Cracked Tear.


  •   Godkin Swaddling Cloth.
  •   Lightning Scorpion Charm.
  •   Rotten Winged Sword Insignia.
  •   Shard Of Alexander.


  •   Royal Remains Set.

This is the most basic weapon that you can earn. Because there are various ways to increase damage, the weapon has the potential to be extremely lethal. It was all about receiving Edlen Ring's Veteran's Prosthesis. This guide should have been beneficial to you. Check out our other guides, such as How To Use Cookbooks in Elden Ring.

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