How to Find Dead Bases With Big Loot in Clash of Clans in 2022?

How to Find Dead Bases With Big Loot in Clash of Clans in 2022?
The majority of Clash of Clans players have wondered at some time how to locate dead bases with large amounts of loot. Although this question is not new because people have been searching for answers to it on the internet since the release of Clash of Clans, your search will come to an end after reading this post because we will give you some of the most effective techniques to uncover dead bases full of loot.

Dead bases are bases that haven't been logged in by their owner for a long time in Clash of Clans, and every player is continually seeking for them to acquire extra loot. The resource collectors of bases whose owners have not logged into the game in a long time or have stopped playing the game have become full, resulting in additional treasure being accessible in such bases.

Although there are other ways to locate dead bases in Clash of Clans, we will discuss two of the more common and reliable approaches in this article.

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A Forecaster For Clash of Clans:-

You can gain enormous riches not only on dead bases but also on normal bases if you use this approach. Actually, you'll need to use the Clash of Clans Forecaster website to perform this strategy because its loot index shows you when you can gain the most loot by attacking. When the loot index is green, you will receive the most loot when attacking at that time. You can also use this website to determine how long the loot index will remain green, i.e., how long you will be able to obtain large amounts of loot.

We can see real-time data of online and offline players by country on the Clash of Clans Forecaster website. Furthermore, you may use this website to see which regions are the most active in real-time, i.e. where the majority of people are currently playing COC. Overall, the Clash of Clans Forecaster website is an excellent resource for determining which attack times will provide the greatest loot.

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Trophy Farming At A Low Level:-

To gain more dead bases, you must lower your league; for example, if you are in the Legend or Titan League, you must drop down to the Gold or Crystal League. Although some people dislike the idea, it is an excellent way to obtain dead bases with large amounts of loot. Actually, when a person does not play the game for an extended period of time, his base dies, after which it is attacked by a large number of other players, and as a result of these attacks, his rank drops to crystal or even below.

It goes without saying that if you wish to attack dead bases on Crystal and even lower leagues, you must also get your ID to the same league.

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