How To Find Highland Lotus Seeds In V Rising?
Survival games are currently highly popular in the gaming market, as a result of which many new survival games are published every year, and now another brand new game, V Rising, has been added to the list of those survival games. V Rising is distinct from other survival games in that it allows you to become a vampire.

Although there are many fun activities to perform in V Rising, we will focus on one activity, in particular, that is both interesting and important, and that activity is farming. Farming is incredibly crucial in V Rising since it allows you to obtain numerous essential materials. Well, there are many different seeds accessible in V Rising that can provide you with a variety of valuable resources, but will you believe us if we tell you there is a seed that can provide you with a limitless supply? Highland Lotus Seeds can actually provide you with an ostensibly limitless supply.

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Highland Lotus Seeds location in V Rising:-

Highland Lotus Seeds are relatively easy to obtain because all you need are Silver Coins. When it comes to Silver Coins, they are very easy to obtain; as you progress in the game, you will continue to receive Silver Coins; however, many players consider these Silver Coins to be useless and discard them; however, you do not have to make this mistake because you will be unable to obtain Highland Lotus Seeds without Silver Coins.

You will need 200 Silver Coins to purchase 1 Highland Lotus Seed, therefore you will need to save up a lot of Silver Coins. The more Silver Coins you have, the more Highland Lotus Seeds you will be able to purchase.

How To Find Highland Lotus Seeds In V Rising

When you get to the Brighthaven Slums location, you will encounter Ottar the Merchant, a one-of-a-kind trader. Ottar the Merchant is one of a kind since he only accepts Silver Coins. With Silver Coins, you can purchase Highland Lotus Seeds from Ottar the Merchant. In addition to Highland Lotus Seeds, Ottar the Merchant sells Flawless Gems, Big Explosive, and Cosmetic Headgear, all of which may be purchased with Siver Coins.

This is how you obtain Highland Lotus Seeds in the game V Rising. Please share your opinions about Highland Lotus Seeds in the comments section below.

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