How To Get More Grave Dust In V Rising?In the V Rising game, there are numerous consumable goods, some of which are quite significant, and in this article, we will discuss one of those crucial commodities, Grave Dust. Grave Dust is a crucial item to have because you'll need a lot of it to advance in the game.

There is no doubt that Grave Dust is an important material, but it is also a bit difficult to obtain, which is why many players have difficulty farming Grave Dust. If you are having trouble farming Grave Dust, then this article is for you because we will tell you about some simple ways to obtain Grave Dust in this article.

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How To Get More Grave Dust In V Rising?

There are two simple ways to obtain Grave Dust, and both of these methods can provide a large amount of Grave Dust.

The First Way to Get Grave Dust:-

The simplest way to obtain Grave Dust is to produce it yourself; if you do not know how to do so, we can inform you that you will need bones and a grinder to do so. You can manufacture 1 Grave Dust from 100 bones with the use of the grinder, which implies you'll need a lot of bones to make Grave Dust.

Bones can be obtained from a variety of animals and monsters in the game. If we're talking about the grinder, it's fairly simple to make one because it's unlocked during the game's tutorial. You'll need 8 planks, 4 copper ingots, and 4 whetstones to create the grinder.

The Second Way to Get Grave Dust:-

The second way of obtaining Grave Dust is just as simple as the first. You must fight Goreswine the Ravager in the second technique to obtain Grave Dust. You'll be able to build a tomb on your base after defeating Goreswine the Ravager. You must place Mourning Lily in the Tomb after which Ghouls will spawn from the Tomb; you must kill those Ghouls because Ghouls drop Grave Dust, albeit the rate of Grave Dust drop is a little lower, so you must kill as many Ghouls as possible.

This is how you obtain Grave Dust in the game V Rising. Do you enjoy both of these methods of obtaining Grave Dust? Do you appreciate these methods for obtaining Grave Dust? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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