How To Play Previous & Past Wordle Puzzles (Wordle Archive)Wordle aficionados, rejoice! Previous Wordle puzzles are now available to play online. Because the original Wordle game has a rigorous one-puzzle-per-day framework, this is how you may hone your word-guessing skills and perfect them in preparation for the daily problems ahead.

How to Play Old Wordle Games from the Past Using the Archive?

  •    This Wordle Archive site has been taken down due to a request from the New York Times. And's Archive had to succumb to the same fate.
  •    However, here's a Wordle Time Machine where all you have to do is choose a date and play the Wordle puzzle for that day.
  •    Apart from that, there's one other way to play past Wordles, which requires you to modify your device's date and time.

To play Older Puzzles on the Official Wordle website, change the time and date on your computer.

Windows PC:-

  •    Go to the Settings menu on your Windows PC (search "Settings" in the Start Menu).
  •    Select Time & Language from the drop-down menu.
  •    Turn off the Automatically Set Time and Automatically Set Time Zone options.
  •    Under 'Set the Date and Time Manually,' click the Change button.
  •    Change the Date and Time as desired, then click the Change button.
  •    Then go to the official Wordle website with your browser open.
  •    You can play the Wordle puzzle for that day based on the date you've chosen.


  •    Select System Preferences from the Apple icon.
  •    Select Date & Time from the drop-down menu.
  •    To make modifications, click the lock.
  •    Click Unlock after entering your admin password.
  •    Set a date and time manually by unticking the "Set date and time automatically" option.
  •    Open the browser after clicking Save. Complete the problem by going to the official Wordle website.


  • Select the Settings icon from the drop-down menu.
  • Select System > Date & Time from the drop-down menu.
  • You may also use the Settings search bar to look for "Date" or "Time."
  • Toggle off the options for Automatically Set Time and Automatically Set Time Zone.
  • To play Wordle, manually select the date and time, then open the browser.


  • Select Date & Time from Settings > General.
  • Toggle off the Automatically Set option and enter the date and time you want to use.
  • After that, open your browser, go to the website, and start playing.

This method of accessing the archive is both limited and inconvenient. Because of the "Your Clock is Behind" warning on Chrome, you might not be able to play much older problems, and you'll have to continue updating the dates for each puzzle.

That's all there is to it for now. If you're addicted to Wordle, there are a few Wordle game alternatives for iPhone that allow you to play more than one-word game puzzle per day.