A few days ago, on PUBG Mobile's official social media accounts, the developers asked the players, "Which previous PUBG Mobile mode do you want to bring back into the game?" Many gamers recommended a combination of old PUBG Mobile modes in response to the question. The Payload mode was chosen by the creators from among a number of classic modes recommended by users, and it is currently available in the game.

Payload 2.0 mode is now available in both the PUBG Mobile and BGMI games, allowing you to play the same old Payload mode once more.

In Payload 2.0, the developers introduced a helicopter and various secret areas where you can grab big treasure; if you want to know where those secret sites are, read on.

Location of the BGMI/PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0 Secret Room:

If we're talking about the first secret location, it's in the school. When you arrive at the school, you will notice a steel door on the ground floor that you may open to obtain a large amount of loot. If you don't know how to open the steel door, we can tell you that you'll need a rocket launcher.

Helicopter Secret Location For BGMI/PUBG Mobile Payload 2.0:

In Payload 2.0, the developers have also included a Helicopter that you may fly. To find the helicopter, proceed to the place specified in the image above, where the helicopter can be found. When it comes to the secret container, it may be found adjacent to the helicopter in Gatka.

These are the hidden places in Payload 2.0 mode that include a lot of loot and a Helicopter.