PUBG Mobile Lite Facebook Login Problem Solution
Many players of PUBG Mobile Lite are currently unable to log in to the game via Facebook; this issue has arisen as a result of the game's latest update. This is a problem that many PUBG Mobile Lite players are frustrated with because they will be unable to play the game if they are unable to log in with Facebook.

If you're having trouble logging in with Facebook in the game, this article is for you because it will tell you whether or not the problem can be remedied.

When logging in using Facebook, many gamers are getting the following error: "App not set up — this app is still in a development phase, and you don't have access to it." Request authorization from an app admin or switch to a registered test user." Is it possible to address this issue?

Many individuals will use a VPN to fix this problem, however, we recommend that you do not use a VPN to log in because your Facebook account may be blocked. Your Facebook ID may be disabled even though you have tried numerous times to check-in using Facebook in the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite Facebook Login Problem Solution

There are two options for resolving this issue. To begin, go to PUBG Mobile Lite's help section and use the chat button to explain your problem. In a second method, you must take a snapshot of the login error, go to Facebook's report & problem option, click on the report, and click on the pages. After clicking on the pages, you must upload your screenshot and describe the problem before submitting it.

If you use both of the strategies given above, you will better handle the problem.